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Pink Spider Icon Awards

hide icon contests!

Pink Spider Icontest: hide icons
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Pink Spider Icons: A hide Icontest Psychommunity

Welcome to ps_icons, an icon contest community themed around hide (ex-X Japan, Spread Beaver, etc)! Please read the following information below before subimitting any icons and feel free to ask the moderators any questions you might have. ThanX!

The idea of this community is pretty much like any other icon contest or awards community. Each week we'll post a theme that you will use as inspiration for your icon-making creativity. There will be a MOD post at the beginning of each week with the theme and all submissions should be posted in a (screened) reply to that entry. Submissions close on the Friday of each week and voting will open the following day in the form of a poll, along with the announcement of the new theme.

Icons should be submitted as follows unless any other information is required for the theme:


Like any other community, we do have some rules that we require our members to follow.

1. Use your own hosting for all images posted.
2. No stealing other people's past work.
3. Icons posted here are not to be used unless permission of the creator is asked.
4. We reserve the right to deny your submission if we feel it is inappropriate.
5. Be respectful.
6. Icons must be less than a week old to be submitted.
7. All icons must feature hide.
8. All icons must respond to the appropriate theme.
9. Each member may submit only THREE [3] submissions per theme.

We wish the best of luck to all people entering and may the best icon win!

Conditions: as determined in the rules, the IMAGE MUST be of hide.
Winner: To be determined.

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